August 2, 2017

Cynthia Wihardja

ActionCOACH Indonesia

Coach Cynthia Wihardja

“Never wish life were easier. Wish that you were better.” J. Rohn

Cynthia’s personal purpose is to guide good managers to become purposeful leaders & people developers. Her coaching style is appreciative, holistic, and direct. She engages not just the mind, but also the heart, the body and the spirit of her clients to enhance the transformation experience. She helps them find selffulfillment in world-class professional excellence.
She has coached leaders and coaches in 6 countries (UK, France, China, Curacao, USA, and Indonesia). Having lived 18 years in USA, France and Singapore, Cynthia brings an international standard to the Indonesian workforce. She wants to develop more Indonesians to have world-class professionalism and
compete in the global marketplace.

She has been trusted to guide leaders to gain clarity of purpose and legacy, restore life balance and harmony for better fulfillment, become people developers (not just managers), improve team relationships, develop Emotional Intelligence, reduce communication barriers, and empower a team for higher performance.

She was one of the youngest and few female leaders in a multinational maledominated company and rose up the ranks as regional manager & business turnaround specialist. Under her leadership, some junior staff have advanced their careers as divisional leaders and even expatriated Country Managers & Regional Directors in multinational companies. There she found her calling to develop people to their next level of leadership.

Her book “It’s My Career. I Decide” provides useful coaching questions for you to re-think how you view your life, your career, and your own purpose. Through this mix of sharing and coaching questions, she provides clarity and direction for you to start new empowering choices for your future.
Coach Cynthia is a dynamic international speaker receiving top rankings from her global audiences. She coaches and leads with purpose.

She speaks fluent Indonesian, English, and conversational French. She serves as a Board Member in the British Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia and speaks pro bono for non-profit organizations.



In her corporate and coaching experience, she has contributed in these ways:

  • Turned around a Pest Control company in Singapore that experienced negative profitability for the past 5 years. Achieved positive earnings in
    18 months through better route management, manpower allocations, product mix management, and service protocols
  • Built a business with a great team of employees and partners, empowering them to lead the progress of the business forward allowing Cynthia to take a 16-month sabbatical in France to regain focus and step up to her own next level of leadership
  • Guided an Expatriate to find better work-life balance and to develop his Indonesian subordinates to take mature business decisions and resolve
    their own challenges.
  • Coached a leader to find clarity in their next level in business development and personal fulfillment. Aligned him with his spouse to gain support and mutual agreement.
  • Guided a dominant Vice President to understand the impact of her behavior on others, manage her expectations, and choose better ways to
    express her positive intentions for the team and the business.
  • Be a “Game-Changer” in team sessions by asking sharp questions and making people think of their situation in a new light. Getting them to choose new paradigms to help them resolve their existing challenges.
  • Help Coaches and professionals find their purpose and legacy, instead of just working for a living. Guiding them to understand how our past journey designed our future calling. Empowering them to be purposeful leaders.



  • Corporate Accounts Manager of the Year (1998)
  • Outstanding Sales & Profits Award (2005)
  • ActionMAN Award for Education & Abundance (2008, 2010)
  • Winner of the International Women Entrepreneur Challenge (2010)
  • Indonesia Improvement Award for ActionCOACH South Jakarta (2012)
  • IntegrityCOACH (2014)
  • ActionCOACH South Jakarta wins Firm of the Year for Indonesia (2014)
  • The first woman inducted into the ActionCOACH Hall of Fame (2014)