August 2, 2017

Yusman Susanto

ActionCOACH Indonesia

Coach Yusman Susanto

Certification and Training

  • ActionCOACH US Certified Business Coach training in Las Vegas, United States (2007)
  • ActionCOACH US Certified Executive Coach Training in Bali, Indonesia (2009)
  • 2 Days Advanced Coaching Techniques by Michelle Church (United Kingdom) (2014)
  • Keith’s 4 Day MBA Class by Keith Cunningham (The World Famous Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich-Dad)
  • Jack Canfield’s course in Los Angeles, United States(The Best selling book author of Chicken Soup’s series)
  • Jeffery Gitomers’s course in Los Angeles, Uited States (Best US Trainers in SALES)
  • Michael Port’s course in Miami, United States (Business Experts)
  • Harry Beckwith’s course in Barcelona, Spain (Service Based Business Experts)
  • Dr. Ivan Misner, Ph.D. talks in Miami, United States (Networking Experts)
  • Ron Kaufman’s course in Beijing, China (World’s Best Customer Service Experts)
  • Brad Sugars’s exclusive “Unplugged Event”
  • Brad Sugars’s MASTERClass (World Famous Entrepreneurship training and one of the most

expensive training)

  • Joseph Michelli’s The Gold Standard: Ritz Carlton Hotel.
  • ActionCOACH formal Conferences:
  • 2007 Regional Conference in Gold Coast, Australia
  • 2008 Regional Conference in Gold Coast, Australia
  • 2008 Global Conference in Los Angeles, United States
  • 2009 Regional Conference in Gold Coast, Australia
  • 2010 Regional Conference in Sunshine Coast, Australia
  • 2010 Global Conference in Barcelona, Spain
  • 2011 Regional Conference in Gold Coast, Australia
  • 2011 Global Conference in Miami, United States
  • 2012 Global Conference in Beijing, China
  • 2013 Regional Conference in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Fraud Investigation and Forensic Accounting, PPM
  • Internal Audit, PPM
  • Corporate Parenting, PPM
  • Becoming a Money Magnet – Hynotheraphy
  • James Gwee’s World Business Mastery


Training, Workshop & Facilitating

  • FULL TIME: Certified Business Coach and Executive Coach for more than 8 years (since February 2007)
  • Main business speaker in more than 100 ActionCOACH seminar events
  • Guest Speaker in Business Excellence Forum 2013 and 2014
  • Trainer in many small, medium, and big company. In total More than 5,000 people
  • Have personally coached more than 130 company range from
  • Logistics company (freight forwarding)
  • Shipping company (more than 120 ship including harbour boat, tug&barge, and Oil
  • Tanker)
  • Shipyard company (one of biggest shipyard in Indonesia)
  • Retail (food & beverage, car accessories, music school, education, cake & bakery, apparels)
  • Trading company in machinery & industrial parts
  • Wholesale company (Plastics, Toys, Tanah-Abang’s clothing, medical equipment,
  • music instrucments, etc)
  • Manufacturing (custome machinery, tanks for oil & gas company, plastics, toys &
  • rain coat, clothing, oil pump)
  • Service company (forklift rental)
  • Property developer (project Rp2 trillion)
  • Furniture export company
  • SWA Group: Group Head HRD and Group Head Research&Survey Unit
  • Coaching UMKM Mikro: Mandiri Wirausaha Mandiri for one year (2012)
  • Master Coach for Program Pengembangan Wirausaha UMKM Bank Indonesia Jakarta periode 2014.



Professional Working experience

The Master ActionCOACH

  • Position : Master Business Coach
  • Duration : 2015 – present
  • Responsibilities :
    • Coach: Coaching, Consulting, & Advisor for business owners and top management directors on:
      • Building Business Foundation and Mastery
      • Marketing and Sales Strategy and System
      • Financial System Restructuring (in-depth)
      • Financial Report Analysis and Projection (ProfitSimulation™)
      • Fraud Prevention and Building Internal Control
      • Develop Simple Business System
      • Recruitment Strategy and System
      • Interview for Top Management Level
      • Business Plan
      • Corporate Parenting



  • Position : Head of Coaches, Business Coach, Finance&Accounting Director, and

Managing Partner.

  • Duration : 2010 – 2015
  • Responsibilities :

oBusiness Coach: Coaching & Consulting business owners and its executives to TURN- AROUND the business, financial system restructuring, develop business system, and coach manager & directors into great manager & great directors.

oHead Coach: Create training system for all coaches in SBC ActionCOACH team, create more efficient operational system (workflow, standards, & procedures) for the company, and monitor all coaches work.

oManaging Partner: Develop corporate strategy and make strategic decisions for the firm, new product&services development.

oFinance&Accounting Director: Creating finance&accounting system (workflow, standards, how to manual, procedures, COA, etc) for the firm, managing cashflow, recruiting staff, preparing and analyze financial report for shareholders.


  • Position : Business Coach and Executive Coach
  • Duration : 2007 – 2010
  • Responsibilities :
    • Coaching & Consulting business owners and its executives to TURN-AROUND the business, financial system restructuring, develop business system, and coach manager & directors into great manager & great directors.



  • Position : Assistant Supervisor
  • Department : SAP Project
  • Duration : 2005 – 2006
  • Responsibilities and Achievements:
    • Successfully implemented SAP ERP to 3 companies as part of WILMAR GROUP. On time.
    • Programming and Writing SAP’s ABAP codes to customized functions and reports for WiLMAR GROUP
    • Training company’s staff on how to operate SAP program made by me and the team

Awards and Recognitions

  • The only business coach in Indonesia who wins ‘Best Client Results’ in 2013
  • Awarded: the finalist of Abundance Coach, Marketing-Coach, and Seminar-Coach
  • Winner of Indonesia Excellence-Culture Awards 2014, etc
  • My Coaching Client Awards (Business Excellence Awards)
    • Asean Best Company, 2011
    • Most Improved Company (under 50 employees), 2012, Australia
    • Best Turnaround Company (under 100 employees), 2013
    • Most Improved Company (under 100 employees), 2013
    • Best Service Based Company, 2013
    • Most Community Impact, 2013
    • Best Service Based Company, 2014
  • Bank Mandiri, Wirausaha Muda Mandiri 2012: One of the Most Improved Client Coaching Results
  • Member of ActionCOACH’s President Club