July 31, 2017

The ActionCOACH Indonesia Story

“I see Indonesia as a country with the fastest population growth, but it uneven with the number of successful entrepreneurs. The number of unemployment increases, so does the number of broke businesses due to the economic crisis of 1998. This fact made me think about what can I do to help Indonesia produce successful businessmen?” said Herman Susanto.


Herman Susanto is a Master Licensee and a business leader who brought ActionCOACH to Indonesia. After he had a meeting with Brad Sugars, Founder of ActionCOACH, he began to realize the vision and mission to help Indonesia produce successful entrepreneurs. In 2001, he decided to established businesses coaching in Indonesia, ActionCOACH.

At the begining, ActionCOACH was not known at all especially in Indonesia. At that time, ActionCOACH was still considered strange especially for businessmen. Business coaching was considered as unusual, bizarre and even not prestigious compares to business consultant services at that time.

The big challenge was until the fifth year ActionCOACH (also) experienced bleeding and loss. However, he was not give up. He kept educate the people of Indonesia. “Because this business is my calling. So I have to walk though the bleeding, ” he said.

His efforts were not in vain. Gradually ActionCOACH business coaching began widely known. Business owners began to understand about business coaching. One by one business owners took coaching.

“They understand the difference between business coaching and consultant. Their Mindset has changed their business, more relevant and applicable. “ActionCOACH coaches and guides entrepreneurs to be more realistic and to run their business in the right way, not by instinct.  “What we teach is how to catch a fish, not (just) get a fish”.  He is actively campaigning business re-education through coaching, seminars and workshops in various internal and external agencies and organizations. He recieved  ISMBEA Award 2008 (Indonesia Small & Medium Business Entrepreneur Award ) and given by the Minister of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises, Mr Suryadharma Ali. And in the same year, ActionCOACH was given trust by Bank Mandiri to coached young entrepreneurs through “Wirausaha Mandiri” program.

Now ActionCOACH Indonesia has 9 operational offices spread in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Bali. ActionCOACH Indonesia has 39 Coaches and more than 100 staffs throughout Indonesia. “For business coaching industry, it is quite large number considering the uniqueness of the business”.

up to 2020, we expect to open branches like McDonald and KFC with 50 branches spread all over Indonesia, “said Herman Susanto enthusiastically.

Nevertheless, ActionCOACH is not satisfied with all the achievements. Mr. Herman’s vision is to produce 1 million millionaires by 2020. it will be achieved as the availability of operating offices in different parts of the country. Considering the lack of entrepreneurs in Indonesia even the government and the economic climate is very supportive.

Herman Susanto has been recognized with a number of awards including :

Inducted into HALL of FAME in 2012

Beijing, China

FINALIST Master Licensee of the Year 2012 Asia Pacific Region

Gold Coast, Australia

CHAIRMAN CLUB (10 years in 2011)

Miami, USA

WINNER Best of the Best Top Franchise Award 2008


WINNER Rank 1 Top Franchise Award 2008  


WINNER Master Licensee of the Year 2007 Asia Pacific Region 

Gold Coast, Australia

PRESIDENT CLUB (5 years in 2007)

Newport Beach, USA

WINNER Global Conference Territory of the Year 2007

Newport Beach, USA

WINNER Most Improved Master Licensee Territory of the Year 2007 

Newport Beach, USA

WINNER Action Man Award 2006